Oh the horror! SOW has been cut open and gutted like a fish...well, on an operating table. But same concept! Daniel and Alias watch in terror. Is thei...View Details

It seems the party may have finally reached their goal. After venturing through the forest, in and out of Mild Wood for several days now, they found a...View Details

The AOD party speeds towards Aerveldum in the steam powered train while SOW makes his way to the Archive in hopes of finding his gear. Along the way, ...View Details

What would you do if you woke up in a hospital with little-to-no idea how you got there? Well, thankfully you don't have to answer that question...at ...View Details

The party thought that the only problem with the forest thus far was the weather. At least up until the moment they were ambushed by a carnivorous pla...View Details

The party has now entered floor 15 only to find snow...not Snow Snow, but actual snow. Like the white stuff that falls from the sky, but not the kind ...View Details

Snow's Manor, now the new Guild Hall, is quite the lap of luxury. Too bad the group won't be staying long! The party begins their preparations for the...View Details

What is the one thing you should take when going on an excursion in the forest? Well, tools for one, blankets, clothes, and food. But everyone always ...View Details

Snow and Crystal face off against their alter selves as they leave the "in-between" and return to the game world. However, it seems that the alters ha...View Details

Dear Diary,  We've been tracking these strange visitors in our village at the request of Mayor Vasille. After attending last night's town gather, they...View Details

The party has finally determined what course of action to take. They will stay and train with Amali until he deems them ready to venture out into the ...View Details

The party is backed into a corner as they discover a werewolf cult right in the middle of Lunca and the mayor is at the head of it. Now surrounded by ...View Details

Sitting down around a campfire singing campfire son...wait, that's copyrighted. Okay, let's try this again. Snow begins to share her adventure at Cast...View Details

After Cici was bitten by the Touda, she became paralyzed from the venom that entered into her body. The party has learned that they can help her recov...View Details

The party, reunited at last. Daniel and SOW, still werewolves. Well, actually just cursed with lycanthropy, but you get the picture. The AOD party dec...View Details

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