Listen, don't judge us by our episode titles. These are not easy to come up with. Do you know how hard we work to get this quality? We slave away all day and night...and then when it's all finished, we still have to write this stupid description and the titles. Don't even get me started on the titles. But I digress. 

The party, now after being fisted by wood of the hard oak variety, is looking for a brief respite amongst the trees(?) Somebody better tell them the irony behind that. To answer your questions, yes we wrote this late at night. No herbivores plants are not necessarily carnivorous. And yes, there's plenty of hard wood to go around, Zana. Stop asking. I don't think this answered any questions at all...

PS Thank you Dennis you for all your wonderful support and we hope that everyone enjoys the new thing that you will learn about in this episode. Hint: it's in the name. 

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