The AOD party decides to depart from Indolence and try to convince Sloth to return to the abyssal plane. But as things normally do, it doesn't go according to plan. 

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Music Attribution: 

With our ever-growing list of wonderful and talented artists who have allowed us to use their music in the podcast, we've decided to compile them all into one document! Please follow the link and learn about the amazing artists that have contributed to our podcast, including Kevin Macleod, Michael Ghelfi, Eric Matayas, Sasha Ende, Rafael Krux, Lilo Sound, Scott Buckley, Alexander Nakarada, and Vadim Krakhmal.

Kevin MacLeod (Dhaka)

Lilo Sound (DeepWoods, Onsen)

Rafael Krux (Dreams of War)

Inevitability by Otis Galloway (Broken God ,Inevitability

Creeping Death by Plate Mail Games
Scott Buckley (Descent)
Michael Ghelfi: (Jungle, Plane of Fire, )
Used with permission
The Dreamweaver, Eternity (seamless), Witch Hunt (seamless), Chimeria (seamless), Dungeon of Shadows (seamless) by Nicolas Jeudy of Dark Fantasy Studios
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