After waking up from their deep sleep in the PRMIS pods, the party make their way topside and find the remains of an abandoned facility. The world around them has changed quite drastically and now they have no idea when or where they are.

The Gate Chronicles (aka TGC) is an actual play rpg run in the Pathfinder game system. It is the second series running concurrently with Sword Art Online: AOD.

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With our ever-growing list of wonderful and talented artists who have allowed us to use their music in the podcast, we've decided to compile them all into one document! Please follow the link and learn about the amazing artists that have contributed to our podcast, including Kevin Macleod, Michael Ghelfi, Eric Matayas, Sasha Ende, Rafael Krux, Lilo Sound, Scott Buckley, Alexander Nakarada, and Vadim Krakhmal.

Scott Buckley (Borealis, Emergent, The Distant Sun, The Spaces Between),  
Vadim Krakhmal (The Awake, Forest, Medieval, Mountain Spirits)
Music by Plate Mail Games is licensed under a Creative Commons License, (Ancient Forest 2 Night, Farmlands ),

Other music and sounds by Syrinscape.
Because Epic games need Epic game sounds

Michael Ghelfi (Dark Forest, Forest Hamlet)
All Right Reserved.
Used with permission from creator.


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