In celebration for the first time that Amali ever brought "friends" home, the gang find themselves dragged to the tavern. Some seek pleasure. Some seek fame. Some seek their fortune. And others, their fortune? All is well until a rough crowd stirs up an awkward silence.

The Gate Chronicles (aka TGC) is an actual play rpg run in the Pathfinder game system. It is the second series running concurrently with Sword Art Online: AOD.

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With our ever-growing list of wonderful and talented artists who have allowed us to use their music in the podcast, we've decided to compile them all into one document! Please follow the link and learn about the amazing artists that have contributed to our podcast, including Kevin Macleod, Michael Ghelfi, Eric Matayas, Sasha Ende, Rafael Krux, Lilo Sound, Scott Buckley, Alexander Nakarada, Vadim Krakhmal, and a number of other artists.

Alexander Nakarada (Expedition)

Kevin MacLeod (Achaidh Cheide, Celtic Impulse, Folk Round, Pippin the Hunchback)

Scott Buckley (The Old Ones)
Other Music and Sounds by Syrinscape
Because Epic Games Need Epic Sounds
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