Their journey begins anew, "through the mountain, secret, secret, secret tunnel..." Clyde, Wilson, and Snow are once again bound together on an advent...View Details

The three amigos, Snow, Wilson, and Clyde, along with their new acquaintances, Zanna and Daniel, and a suspiciously soft-pawed spider finally make the...View Details

After the events of the Colosseum, the party must reconvene in order to determine their next steps and get to know one another better. But first, it's...View Details

Place your bets, ladies and gents, because Zanna and Clyde are stepping into the ring! While Wilson, Snow, and Daniel finished up with their activitie...View Details

During the Colosseum fight between AOD Ronin and My Fetish, Snow and Wilson make their way to the Temple of Ishtar in hopes of finding a class change....View Details

After reconvening at camp the AOD ones take a moment set out on a brave adventure, for a rather obscure quest that takes them through the desert surro...View Details

The pit proves perilous to our adventurers of AOD. Life or death hangs in the balance in the belly of the beast as Snow, Wilson, SOW, and Daniel face ...View Details

The caves convey chaos as catastrophic calamity ensues. Wilson, Snow, SOW, and Daniel-san (sorry Daniel, it was bound to happen inevitably) are making...View Details

Meanwhile, Zanna and Clyde await the rescue party to arrive with the supplies for the scaffolding. They find themselves quite...alone, with plenty of ...View Details

The small band finds themselves back in Hattusa after being sent out from the alternate plane. They take the moment to gear up and hopefully gather mo...View Details

Love is in the air as the guild members on floor five find themselves in a seedy situation. It's time to awaken their sleeping emotions, buried deep.....View Details

Timothy invites the gang to play a game in his hideout and Snow suggests a seemingly innocent game of Night at the Museum. With tensions high between ...View Details

Oh no! Zana has been taken hostage by the demonic being lurking within the caves. The party rushes to her aid but must be careful to keep a cool head....View Details

After the little light left in the world, known as the AOD guild, vanquished the mysterious demonic force, Timothy, we find our triumphant adventurers...View Details

Can things get any more awkward with the AOD squad? Wilson is still left hanging, without a response and Zana and Snow are tied together by the bonds ...View Details

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